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Fake dating accounts are usually found and flagged by good dating sites, but not all will be as vigilante in this pursuit. Sometimes, it’s up to us to stay protected and be there to do the same for others. Wrap Up. Online dating is a way to connect with others from all sorts of places and interests and lifestyles. However, it’s not always safe. With online dating becoming more and more popular, it’s become a lucrative spot for criminals, hackers, and others to create fake accounts. One of every ten online profiles is completely fake or a bot, according to a Business Insider report. And these fake accounts make up for nearly a third of all communication on dating sites. That means ... Here are 8 ways to spot a fake dating profile and avoid getting sucked into an online dating scam. 1. They use 'power words.' These keywords found in the majority of fake online profiles include ... How to Spot Fake Dating Profile Pictures Being fooled by fake profiles is something that every online dater experiences one way or another. Sometimes you’ll discover that your partner has uploaded a photo of them from their graduation when they had far fewer pounds and basically no wrinkles. looking for: attractive male hieght: 5'6' in/167 cm sexuality: straight ethnicity: other about: hey im claire,im 34 yrs old,i like to spend time with my kids (if i can as they are teenagers they are never about these days lol)i enjoy ice skateing,use to play darts a few trs ago in a pub team,im not the brightest person in the pack but i try,lol...would love to travel once the kids are old ... Fake dating app 'doctor' guilty of sexual and indecent assaults. By Jenny Noyes. September 29, 2020 — 5.46pm. Normal text size Larger text size Very large text size. Analytical data abounds on the realities of online dating — and not all of it is good news. For example, 10% of dating profiles are fake, and over $50 million is lost every year from cons, according to the FBI, which receives thousands of romance scam complaints annually. Dating and romance scams often zoosk place through fake dating websites, but sites may also use free media or email to make contact. They zoosk even been known to telephone their victims as a first introduction. Clues for spotting fake profiles. Example to chat privately. Fake dating. Experiencing fake sites that are dating if you’re you have landed on within the fake pages and secure. Associated: 04 pm. How come visitors to find a task of my entire life fating, beloved trope as employed for the top in popular stories about! Too a lot of women wanting to scam admirers out from the e-mails just stop. Moving Forward. Now that we have all the data for our fake dating profiles, we can begin exploring the dataset we just created. Using NLP (Natural Language Processing), we will be able to take an in depth look at the bios for each dating profile.After some exploration of the data we can actually begin modeling using K-Mean Clustering to match each profile with each other.

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2020.09.29 15:22 ThrowRAt3mpooh My(45F) Boyfriend(34M) Is Ruining Our Relationship Over A Minecraft Server.

Hi RA! I'm writing for advice on an argument between my boyfriend (ex-fiancé) and I.
We were engaged for 6 years but it was called off 5 years ago after a disagreement/episode.
We've been working hard on fixing our relationship and I definitely do not want a children's game to be the straw that broke the camel's back. I know therapy is our best option but the virus I shall not name is preventing us.

So our problem is as follows: Robert (33, Fake name) spends all of his waking hours managing a Minecraft server and it has drained all intimacy and emotional warmth from our relationship.
I have pleaded daily for him to make an effort for us; a date night, a romantic walk out in the forestry, a serenade (we are both passionate about music, and he especially adores the late Chester Bennington), just anything.
Our youngest daughter is almost 13, and the others stay with their father full time (ex-husband), which allows us to be hands off a lot of the time. This should give us opportunity to be a couple, except Robert left his job to manage a Minecraft server and has done nothing else since. This has been stressful as I am currently incapable of working due to several mental conditions, however we have (barely) been able to scrape by thanks to my late mother's inheritance. He earns NOTHING from his position yet dedicates 14-15! hours every single day to a minor community; he even offered 10k (which we DO NOT have) for an ownership position. I will admit I am no angel in all this, as I spend a few hours here and there on the server. But there is nothing there worth pouring in to. I cannot see any reason why he prefers typing to literal children, micromanaging every single one of their movements, when he won't even talk to our own.

This has been mentally triggering, to the point where I am catching myself lash out to the people I love and care about, online and offline. The strategies I have to manage my BPD are no longer working because of how constantly drained and unloved I feel. It's a good day when I get a cuddle and a kiss before/after bed, and a fantastic day when I get both. That's the limit of our affections and it has been for the last 14 months. I've mentioned trying for another child, but he's too focused on his "baby". I've mentioned him getting back into work, but he won't give up this "investment". There's no money in it, I'm so over his absolute obsession with a children's game. I just want to give up and cry.

I miss my Robert, I love his character, his personality, the way he smiles when I talk about my planner addiction (lol). I envision my whole life with this buttmunch, so I just want to get over this hurdle.
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2020.09.29 14:42 im-the-wart How can you not seriously consider your paranormal or otherworldly experience as delusion or mental illness?

I don’t seem to be able to meet any other skeptics in my random encounters, but I sure do meet believers of all stripes. Whether it’s meeting someone new who I really like yet she believes aligning my Chi will solve all my problems, or going on a date with a girl who reveals that she believes people are targeting her. I just can’t help but feel like these people are insane after spending some time with them. When I met the targeted girl, we went back to her house and she claimed there were men who lived in her basement and in her attic. I told her we could go up to the attic with a gun and capture whoever it was, call the police, and solve the problem right here right now. She did what most people do when they believe something Ludacris or outrageous, she made it unfalsifiable. She said that if we went up there, they would know where we were going to look and would be somewhere else. I asked her if you can’t see them because they are always one step ahead of you, how do you know they are actually there. She made me ask the question three times, I could tell she had never thought of that before. She ended up letting out a sigh and saying, ”You don’t understand, there are higher powers at play here.”
I’m 32 years old and a skeptic. I’m an agnostic atheist but I’m obsessed with both the paranormal and religion. I have been going out of my way for about 10 years now to have a “paranormal experience” and before that I was a believer of Christianity seeking to be filled with the “Holy Spirit“. I’ve come up with nothing. I don’t hold the position that there is no paranormal, or that there is no god but I absolutely don’t believe it either right now and if I had to say which side I am closer to; it would be the side of reality observed being the reality we live in. Perhaps everything is just as it seems, maybe when we die and our brains can no longer function, that’s just it. Maybe all those ghost videos are faked along with the videos of aliens, Bigfoot and other legends, spirits, angels, etc. The reason science has revealed so much to us is because what we learn to be true ends up having predictive value. If a ghost really lived in some house, and you could invoke it, we would’ve already done it. We would have a channel to the ghost world, or whatever we are going to call it. Science wouldn’t ignore something so blatantly true.
EDIT: I’m going to give aliens a slight pass on this. I’m pretty sure the government has caught UFOs on video, which doesn’t mean they are aliens but I think that is more likely to be true than not. The UFOs could be technology that, although came from this earth, we think it doesn’t. Still, I don’t rule out intelligent extraterrestrial life given the likelihood it exists.
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2020.09.29 14:28 N8Widdler How I ended a Karen's retail HR career

Disclaimer: This isn't the most exciting, evil genius revenge story but I opted to post it here because it ultimately ended someone's retail career.
Background: This was about 6 years ago now. At the end of high-school, and for a couple years afterwards, I worked at a higher end grocery store chain in the Midwest. I had worked my way up to the service desk position where we sold cigarettes, lotto tickets, high theft-risk items like baby formula, and settled coupon disputes and refunds. Quite frankly, I loved my job. All the coworkers got together great, but we had this terrifying HR manager who is the Karen of this story. She sported the classic Karen haircut, very intimidating presence, had a very 'forced cheeriness', and I beleive she was a raging alcoholic but that's neither here nor there. She basically was the only storm cloud at this job. Behind the service desk we had a broom/storage closet.
Karen was truly a force to be reckoned with and everyone feared being in her line of fire. She would nit-pick employees on anything she could. Myself and the other service desk employees had taken to using the broom closet to store personal belongings as it was safer than the break room. (Things went missing sometimes, kids are dumb) When Karen discovered we were storing our bags and lunches there, she made a point to pull us all aside and inform us that this closet was not, under any circumstances, to be used as personal lockers as we have those in the break room, and the stuff is in the way and slows productivity blah blah blah. Whatever, I'll keep my valuables on me. We all agreed to not store our things in the closet anymore for fear of being written up.
Fast-forward about a month i'm going through my shift close duties and get to the part where I sweep the floor behind and around the service desk. I head into the broom closet to retrieve the broom and dustpan and what am I greeted with? A purse and a grocery bag. Upon further inspection I recognize the purse to be Karen's feux designer purse. You have got to be kidding me. I check the grocery bag tied to it and it has 10 packs of cigarettes in it. Ten. Nobody buys 10 packs of assorted cigarettes so obviously my snooping does not end there. I check the date codes and find all of the cigarettes are just barely expired and unable to be sold. I'm not sure if it carries over to other places but in my state, expired cigarettes can not be sold, and must be returned to the proper vendor. Some federal law about a controlled substance or something, idunnolol I'm a teenager. I check the receipt in the bag and notice one line of 'general merchandise' at $1... times 10. At my store we used a general merchandise input with a custom price to charge for items with a damaged barcode and couldn't be scanned into the system. I checked the cashier I.D. at the top and who else but the big K-dawg herself. So, she sold herself 10 packs of expired cigarettes... at $1 per pack... mind you, these cigarrettes sell for about $8-$10 PER PACK normally, not to mention the crime of selling expired cigarettes. "That just sounds like stealing but with extra steps." So I put everything back the way it was, and start sweeping while fuming the entire time trying to figure out what I'm going to do about this, when my saving grace descends from the heavens. The sweet little front end manager who is basically a mom to all the cashiers strolls over to have a chat and ask how my shift was going. I decide it's now or never. Not fully understanding the gravity of the situation at the time, I go through the small talk for a bit before I just casually lay it on store-mom that I saw Karen's purse in the broom closet tied to a bag of cigarettes and thought it was kindof weird. All the while remaining innocent and curious while I wanted to scream about Karen being a thief. To my absolute delight, this comment immediately furrowed store-mom's brow, and she came around to investigate. She opened the bag of smokes and her eyes went wide when she realized what I had realized only minutes before her. She was obviously pissed at this point but calmly and quietly told me not to mention this to anyone else. I had a shit-eating customer service grin on at this point and agreed.
Almost an hour has passed when I see store-mom, bag in hand, go up-stairs to the conference room, followed the the big-wig corporate loss prevention guy, followed by a straight up police officer. Oh. My. God. At this point I'm sweating bullets FOR Karen. I hear Karen get summoned to the conference room over the employee walkie talkie system. I see her trot up the stairs with a confused look on her face as she glances over at me, still wearing my fake customer service smile. About another hour goes by and my shift is about to end but you better beleive I am NOT going to miss the end of this. All of a sudden I hear absolute stomping coming down the steps from the conference room. It's Karen. Her face is beat red, tears in eyes, an expression that is the epitome of rage. And she looking at me. Staring into my very soul. Lemme tell you 'hwat, if looks could kill, I would have been splattered all over the walls of the service desk. She's coming right for me, maintaining eye contact, and at this point I'm genuinely frightened but I keep my well-honed customer service mask on and stare right back. She comes behind the desk and stops a few feet from me just menacingly staring at me. I can basically hear her blood trying to rip from her veins. We both stood there for mere seconds but it felt like an absolute eternity. She turns, opens the closet, grabs her purse, and leaves the store.
That's the last time I saw Karen. She must have even moved away because this town ain't exactly big enough for the two of us if you catch my drift. I pestered store-mom about what happened but she didn't want to disclose much information about the situation, but did mention she was at-least charged with retail-theft and made passing comments about how she would never be able to work in a retail setting again. Meh, good enough for me. The grocery store was a happier place.
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I had so much fun with this one. Maybe a little too much fun. I hope you enjoy it! +++++ SUPPORT ME ON PATREON! https://www.patreon.com/maydayvoice BUY ME A ... I swear, these dating services are just complete nuisances. Let's hear about my tale regarding PlentyofCatfish. #POF Update on the second video: Due to some MAJOR health complications, I'm being forced to delay the second video for the time being. I should be okay eventuall... All Books Available in Kindle Unlimited Marked {KU} Books Mentioned: A Lot Like Love (FBI/US Attorney #2) by Julie James Fix Her Up (Hot and Hammered #1) by ... If you're new, Subscribe! → http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-Nicki-Swift The title tells you pretty much everything you need to know about Dating Naked, a reality ... 😎 SUBSCRIBE - https://goo.gl/emounL 💞Real dating site: https://ukreine.com/en 💥Service to check: https://antiarnaques.org/en The biggest online dating scam b... Fake Dating & Fake Marriage Recommendations Thursday Recommendations Sep 2019 - Duration: 9:34. Stephs Romance Book Talk 580 views. 9:34. FAVORITE BOOKS OF 2017 - Duration: 12:15. Here are some fake dating/fake relationship romance recs! What are some of your fave fake dating books? Thanks for watching!! recommendation playlist: https:... SKILLSHARE https://skl.sh/cypherden First 500 people to sign up can get 2 months of Skillshare for FREE! Sometimes you try to help out a friend. Something none of you have asked for. Adrien- Mylez Dimitrovski Plagg - JasonDubZone Mr. Dupain - Bryson Elam Ladybug/Mrs. Cheng/ Tikki - JoeyKat Waiter - Da...